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About Samiboo

Our goal was introduction to the market the brand, which products are unique in terms of design, qualaity of manufacturing and used components.
We put much care to design products based on safe  components, manufactured by certified suppliers making daily use by us and kids pure joy. 

That is how idea of Samiboo’s products was started, products we tested personally with our kids.

Our products are targeted to parents looking for good design, taking care about esthetic part of product, high quality and Scandinavian toned colors. 
To all of you who cares about product safety and way how was manufactured. 
We believe that small details are making big difference – that is why we focus so much on  finishing.
 Our bedding sets are made with extremely delicate satin cotton, which is additionally soften in dedicated process. 
Bamboo muslin is covered with  ions of silver. Footmufs are made with high performance fabric with breathable membrane -  developed  by us with supplier.

We are manufacturing in Poland! We are having plenty of ideas for new products – Please join Samiboo’s world!


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