Full Cot bed Bumper 120x60cm Meadow Samiboo (360cm)

Brand: Samiboo
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This cot bumper is perfect solution to parents, who like delicate, summer colors. 

Our bumper is produced based on soft satin cotton fabric.
On top bumper is finished with thick cotton trim in color fitting to bumper color to give glamour look,
It is equipped with 24 assembly bands – in addition to standard one in corner we add additional one to support fitment in any type of cot.
It helps for perfect fit also for baby cot with lowered mattress, when baby starts moving in cot. 
Unique feature of our bumper is  that instead of traditional filling It has removable foam insert covered by cotton fabric and quilted in corner (every 60 cm) to help perfect fit.
On top used foam insert, due to density and elastic properties will keep shape. It does not deform, keep position and move. All the time keeps shape is stable and keep baby away from wooden parts. It is resistant for washing and ironing.
Foam insert fits to all Samiboo Bumper covers– there is option to buy additional, spare cover in different colors and keep it in the bed all the time, even when washing is required.
Bumper is closed with zipper in whole length – that helps to insert and remove foam pad.
Keep away from fire
• 100% satin cotton
Dimensions +/-2cm:
• length 360 cm; height 30 cm; thickness 3cm
• Bumper to cot bed  - covers cot bed 120x60cm


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